Led Fixture

3Watt Inground Led Fixture.

Occupancy Sensor

Item Code: ECR385
Occupancy Sensor:-

The high-performance ECR385 ceiling mount occupancy sensor comes with five high-sensitive HD pyro with advance infrared detectors angled at 360° in relation to detect fine and small movement in cabins and conference room. This sensor is design for the professional use with switching capacity of 1000watt with a higher coverage of 20m range. It can be used in cabins, conference room, lobby, passage, car parks, Lift lobby.


Technical Specification

Operating Voltage & Frequency

220V ~ 240V 50Hz

Working Temperature

0Æ’ ~ 50Æ’

Ambient Temperature

-20Æ’ ~ 70Æ’





Compliance Standard


Lux (adjustable)


Time (adjustable)

10 sec ~ 20 min

Detection Range & Angle

Range: 12M radius at 3M height

R-385:360 degree (3PIRs)

Warm Up Time

30 sec.


Auto mode, Test mode, Short Time Pulse(On 1 Sec, Off 9 sec)

Terminal and connector

4 PIN terminal: N x 2, L x 1, L€™ x 1

Snap-on system

Sensor head, power box

IP rating


Material (housing)





Surface mount box


90mm x 90mm x 40mm(W x L x H)

We are the leader in the market for Occupancy sensor, we offer higher caverage sensor with smart sensitive detection. Our eco series of occupancy sensor are available with a very economical price considering the client pocket .
We do offer free sample and demostration without any cost for the satisfaction of the client .

Major Applications ;- Cabins , Conference , Laboratory , Open Offices , Meeting rooms , etc.



Microwave Sensor

Item Code: ECDP05M

Microwave Sensor

We are formost leader in microwave sensor , these sensor are desigh with latest R&D with high sensitive and durability. we have served esteem client with this model. The sensor builtin part is with international standered and with compleatly tested higrade material. It can be customized in various application as per design created by the user with there needs.

Technical specifications:-

Power supply > 220-240V/AC,100-130V/AC Power frequency > 50/60Hz


Installation > Indoors, ceiling mounting Transmission power > (<10mW)


HF system > 5.8GHz CW radar ISM band Detection angle > 360°


Reach > 1-10metre radius adjustable Rated load > 1200W 220-240V


Time setting > 10sec to 30min Power consumption > approx.0.9W

Special Feature > Hidden Motion Sensor ,High frequency & Microwave Sensor





Pir Motion Sensor Light

Item Code: ECR374

Motion Sensor Light

Newly developed motion sensor light detector with a slim size for you lift lobby , Car parks , etc. Slim in design and easy to install with multiple lenses and 2 pyros to detect fine and tiny movements. The PIR motion sensor Light EC R374 has a reach of up to 8 m Coverage angle of 360.

This Motion sensor Light is highly sensetive PIR detecter senses fine movement have builtin 1000 watt relay capacity with very slip and small attractive size .

R-374 ceiling surface light motion detector

Operating voltage & frequency

220V 240V 50Hz

Working temperature

-10℃ 40℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ 70℃

Compliance standard


Rated load

834-1A-B-C 10A/277VAC TV-5

1000W Incandescent

500W Fluorescent

500W Energy saving bulb

Lux adjustment

5~2000, Max= Test mode

Time adjustment(Precise digital adjustment)

Time: 3sec, 15sec, 1min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 30min, MIN=

Detection range & angle

Range: 7 8M diameter in 2.5M height at 20℃

Angle: 360 degree

Warm up time

60 sec.


Auto mode, Test mode, Short Time Pulse (On 1 Sec, Off 9 sec)


4 x 4.0mm²: N x 2, L x 1, L’ x 1


IR remote control

IP rating

IP 20






120mm, 23mm thick,(lens 37mm)

Item Code: ECLS05
Photocell Sensor:-

This Item Is An Automatic Photocell Switch For Lamps. When The Ambient-Light Darken To The Lux You Setting In Advance, The Lighting Will Turn On. The Lighting Will Turn Off At The Preset Time Or Ambient-Light Lager Than The Setting Lux. It Adds The Functions Of Lux Adjustable And Time Setting. It Is More Easier And Comfortable For User.

  • Power Source: 220V “ 240V/Ac    Power Frequency: 50Hz, Rated Current: 6A ,  Ambient Light: <3-200 Lux (Adjustable) Timer Setting Range: From 1 Hour To 9 Hours (Max. 9 Hours), Adjustable Or Run Duck To Dawn Only ,  Working Temperature: -20~+40Æ’, Working  Humidity: <93%Rh
  • Lux Adjustable: Turn To Moon Position With Anticlockwise, It Means The Photocell Will Only Work In The Dark(Less Than 3Lux). If Slowly Turn To Sun Position With Clockwise, It Will Change The Lux Value From Dark To Dawn, And Working In Dawn Only.
  • Timer Setting: This Photocell Has Regular Light-Controlled Function (Light Is Turned On In The Night, And Turned Off In The Daylight) And Timer Function, It Means That You Can Set Time You Want The Photocell Works With A Stated Lux Value.

Daylight Lux Sensor

Item Code: D22

Daylight Lux Sensor:-


This Light Sensitive Timer has a controller which will automatically turn the lights of other connected devices on at dusk and off at day break. It has a time delay circuit so that it is not affected by a sudden or brief change in light level caused by intermittent cloud cover, reflections, vehicular light or lightning. It is ideally suitable for the control of lights at the front door, garden, garage, etc


EC D-22 Twilight Switch With Ambient Light Level Memorized Featu

Operating Voltage & Frequency

220V ~ 240V 50Hz

Working Temperature

-20Æ’ ~ 50Æ’

Storage Temperature

-20Æ’ ~ 70Æ’

Compliance Standard


Rated Load

10A/277VAC TV-5

Lux adjustable


Time adjustment

1) Dusk to Dawn(D-D).

2)2,4,6,8 hours delay time after dusk

Switching delay time

20 sec

Push button

To memorize the ambient light level

Terminal block

4 x 4mm²

Earth x 1

N x 1

L x 1

L€™ x 1

IP rating



Class II

Material (housing)





105mm x 79mm x 36mm(HxWxD)


Mass production








3Watt LED Spot Light (1 x 3)

We offer 3Watt Led spot(1 x 3) that highlights the area and create a different viewing angle. Our beautifully designed lightning solutions are highly durable, reliable and ensures excellent performance. Easy to install, these are rust proof, unbreakable and consumes less power. The quality checks includes uniformity in light check, load performance check etc. Our innovative lightning solutions used in varied applications includes stairway accent lightning, cove lightning, club and bar lightning, architectural decorative lightning and many more. These are also custom designed as required by the client.

The range is available in colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Amber

Drive Way LED Fixture

The drive way 2 sides Led spot fixture is a custom designed product made from solid Alluminium having 2 nos. of IP-67 grade inbuilt 1 Watt power LED spot to be mounted in the middle of the road that creates a very dramatic view from a distant place.

RGB Fascade Light

It's a fascade light made with higher lumens power led in a IP-67 grade alluminium housing in a desired custom design shape which is used to highlight the exterior part of the building, 5 star hotels or any sculpture placed in outdoor location.

1Watt Up-Down fixture

It creates mood light effect, made from solid alluminium with 2 nos. Of 1 watt power led up & down which is mounted in the middle of the wall for indoor as well as outdoor. It is used mainly in bed room, passage and also in the outdoor application. Its very slim in look that replaces the bulky traditional fixture.

1 Watt Ceiling Mounted Light

We offer a wide range of ceiling lights that includes 1 Watt Ceiling Mounted. These lights can be easily screwed to the ceiling, which impart altogether different looks to the surroundings. Highly durable and reliable, our range is shock, vibration and water resistant, consumes less power and ensures excellent performance. Owing to excellent quality features, our range find application in auditorium walkway lighting, accent lighting, concealed lighting and many more. We test our range on uniformity in light, load performance and LED mounting. Custom designed solutions are also provided as required by the client.

The range is available in colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red Amber

9 Watt LED Spot Light (1 x 9)

We offer 9Watt Led spot(1 x 9)  that dazzles the area and lends it an enchanting aura. These lights highlight the area with different viewing angle. Available in various specifications, the range ensures excellent performance and allows low power consumption. We perform quality checks on the lights, which includes uniformity in lights, soldering check and load performance check. These lights find there application in various areas including advertisement signs, emergency and security lightning, back lightning for sign age letters and many more. Available in single and multi-color, our range is custom designed as required by the client.

6 Watt LED Spot Light (1 x 6)

We offer 6Watt Led spot(1 x 6) that illuminates the area and creates the mesmerizing look. Our range of lightning solutions are durable and reliable and also water, rust, shock resistant. These are easy to install, low power consuming and ensures excellent performance. The new and innovative designs are used in contour lightning, cove lightning, auditorium walkway lightning and many more. These are also custom designed as required by the client.

The range is available in colors:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Amber