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All our products are made with utmost precision and attention to details so that the most desired product can easily be supplied to the client. Each and every product is paid utmost attention in order to design and develop them according to the desired technical details and specifications. These lighting products like LED indoor lighting products, LED outdoor lighting products, fiber optic lighting products, etc., are widely used and demanded in the industry to provide a decorative look to the interiors and also of their energy consumption and cost effectiveness. The lighting products like LED indoor lighting products, LED outdoor lighting products, fiber optic lighting products, etc., provided by us are only made under the guidance of experienced professionals so that they can be made in accordance with the international standards.

Led Lighting Outdoor

LED Exit SignsGet Quotation

LED Exit Signs

LED Street Lamp 50 WGet Quotation

LED Street Lamp 50 W

3 Watt Up DownlighterGet Quotation

3 Watt Up Downlighter

Blue LED LightGet Quotation

Blue LED Light

LED Fixture

Occupancy SensorGet Quotation

Occupancy Sensor

LED Bulb CasingGet Quotation

LED Bulb Casing

Microwave SensorGet Quotation

Microwave Sensor

3 Watt IP 68 LED Spot Light

Full Light Sideglow Fibre

Star Ceiling Light

Star Ceiling LightGet Quotation

Star Ceiling Light

Curtain Fibre Light

Curtain Fiber LightGet Quotation

Curtain Fiber Light

Fibre Optic Lights

Curtain Fiber LightGet Quotation

Curtain Fiber Light

LED Bulb HousingGet Quotation

LED Bulb Housing

Fiber Optic LightGet Quotation

Fiber Optic Light

Outdoor LightGet Quotation

Outdoor Light

Illumination Strip

LED Strip In CovesGet Quotation

LED Strip In Coves

Led Products

Theater Lights

Theatre Step LightGet Quotation

Theatre Step Light

Cinema Step LightGet Quotation

Cinema Step Light

Step Light-RGet Quotation

Step Light-R

Exit SignsGet Quotation

Exit Signs

Step LightGet Quotation

Step Light

Outdoor Led Lights

Starry Ceiling

Starry CeilingGet Quotation

Starry Ceiling

Fiber Optic Light

Curtain Glass Fibre

Fiber Optic Starry Effect

12 Watt LED Fixture

12 Watt LED FixtureGet Quotation

12 Watt LED Fixture

1 Watt Up Downlighter

1 Watt Up-DownlighterGet Quotation

1 Watt Up-Downlighter

1 to 3 Watt Footlight

1-3 Watt FootlightGet Quotation

1-3 Watt Footlight

Indoor LED Down Lights

10 to 15 W Fitting In White and Off White Colour

Theatre Step Light

Theater LightGet Quotation

Theater Light

RGB In Frosted Glass

RGB In Frosted GlassGet Quotation

RGB In Frosted Glass

LED Step Light

LED Step LightGet Quotation

LED Step Light

Flood LightGet Quotation

Flood Light

LED Shelf LightGet Quotation

LED Shelf Light

Multiplex Step LightGet Quotation

Multiplex Step Light

Power LED In Onax Marble

Multiple Power LED Downlights In Showcase

LED Strip In Glass Step

12 Watt IP68 LED Lights

12 Watt Downlight

12 Watt DownlightGet Quotation

12 Watt Downlight

1 Watt LED Lights

15 Watt Downlight

15 Watt Downlight-BGet Quotation

15 Watt Downlight-B

10 W to 15 W LED Downlight

6 Watt Downlight Frosted Glass

6 Watt Square and Round LED Lights

10 W and 15 W Downlight

10W DownlightGet Quotation

10W Downlight

10 W to 15 W LED Lights In White and Off White Colour

1 Watt LED Deep Recessed Light

12 W COB Downlight

12W COB DownlightGet Quotation

12W COB Downlight

6 W and10 W Side View LED Lights

10 W Flat Pannel Light

6 Watt and 10 Watt In Square LED Light

10 to 15 Watt In Square LED Light

3 Watt IP 68 Concealed LED Lights

Step Light with Number and Down Throw

12 Watt LED Downlight

12 Watt LED DownlightGet Quotation

12 Watt LED Downlight

10 Watt Light Fitting

10 Watt Light FittingGet Quotation

10 Watt Light Fitting

1 Watt Regular and Deep Recessed Light

1 Watt LED Lights for Jewellery Display

Multiple Up Down Light for Passage

Led street Light

LED Street LightGet Quotation

LED Street Light

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